Test Your ’Ology Knowledgy

Por:  x_dannix_x

  • - How many years have passed since Merlin was imprisoned by the sorceress Vivienne? 1,000
  • - The clever pirate Captain Kidd had a ship that was equipped with: Oars
  • - Frost dragons are known to migrate from the Arctic to: Antarctica
  • - Anubis is the god of: Embalmers
  • - Who wore a helmet of invisibility, the gift of Hermes? Perseus
  • - Capturing the three-headed dog Cerberus was a task assigned to: Heracles
  • - What does the Egyptologist Emily Sands seek? The tomb of Osiris
  • - Arabella Drummond is the target of a: Pirate hunter
  • - When escavating a dig, you should start with a trowel and then move on to a: Brush
  • - The existence of dragons is supported by the unlikely reality of the: Duck-billied platypus
  • - Who is the Lady of Heaven, according to the Farncombe Papyrus? Isis
  • - What bird was the favourite of Zeus? Eagle
  • - What should you use to make a cast of a dragon's footprint? Plaster of Paris
  • - Ocracoke Inlet was the secret base of this fearsome pirate: Blackbeard
  • - Which direction does Aten rise from? East
  • - Dragonology features the work of dragonologist: Dr. Ernest Drake
  • - The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion overlooks what Greek city? Athens
  • - Sir Francis Drak's ship was called: The Golden Hind
  • - A magical creature can help a wizard, but only if: Its help is given willingly
  • - The chief ingredient in a flyings spell is a: Phoenix feather
  • - The Pharaoh Tutankhamen was buried in a coffin made of: Gold
  • - Wich is not a risk of being a cabin boy at sea? Farm work
  • - Why did pirates not like to sink enemy ships? They lost their plunder
  • - One sign of dragon activity nearby is: All of these
  • - Merlin says, ‘As I will …’ : So mote it be
  • - Enchanted flying objects are actually supported by: Invisible fairies
  • - The chief gods of ancient Athens were Athena and: Poseidon
  • - Lady Hestia Evans was inspired to visit Greece by the writings of: Lor Byron
  • - Dragondust comes from the breath of: Dragon mothers
  • - Charon, the ferryman of the underworld, rowed people across what river? Styx (gracias a kiyene)

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